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Quicksilver OS is an operating system based on Cosmos.

Quicksilver OS is a member of the OCA. Their home page is located at

29/01/13: The newest Quicksilver OS Source and images will now be at

28/1/13: Praxis has full read support. (UPDATE) Multiple blocks in one file is broken because of endianess.

26/1/13: Praxis can write, but not read.

25/1/13: The Praxis file system is almost done. I will make an installer and add disk support when it is done.

19/1/13: I made a binary(not elf) version. The file is one third of the normal version.

18/1/13: Quicksilver Downloader 1.2 has been updated. It has many minor changes.

13/1/13: 130113-xxxx comes out today.

12/1/13: I started a rewrite which focuses on the command prompt. It will have executable loading, so the desktop will work. The first build, 1.0.0 130112-2020 comes out today with the commands try, add, echo and help.

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